EAST LONDON and surrounding areas... this one is for you!

Are you intrigued by mystery and suspense? Do you have a penchant for cracking codes and solving cryptic puzzles?

East London finally has its OWN uniquely themed Escape Room, just in time for you to put your creative ingenuity into action in the upcoming holiday season!

The Intrigue Escape Room (see below) will run from 13 to 22 December at our pop-up venue @ Berea Mall (corner of Pearce and Chamberlain), but pre-booking is essential!


Min 3  to max 6 per group (over 16 yrs)

R150 pp

Call or Whattsapp us on 084 6655 433, email, or use our

Level Ground 'CONTACT'  tab below for bookings.



Your Ancient History Professor has disappeared while researching the location of a Mayan temple which has to date remained a hidden mystery. Sensing that he may be in some kind of danger, and knowing that he would not have ventured out without his small team of students that he has invested so much in, your group decides to explore his office to find clues in his research, as to his possible whereabouts.

As you enter, a strong breeze from nowhere slams the door shut, locking it. The Professor’s office has an air lock system which protects the artifacts in the room. Can you uncover his whereabouts and escape in time… or will you AND the Professor be doomed?

If you haven't yet heard about them, an Escape Room is an interactive game experience which has taken the world by storm since its inception in Japan in 2004. Your team (of 3 to 6 players), will be locked into a themed room, with a mystifying dilemma to solve using a series of clues, codes and puzzles.

Be prepared for a challenge of wits and ingenuity, some practice in collaboration with team mates, and a HUGE amount of fun while you attempt to ESCAPE the ROOM before your time runs out!

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